“Soundscapes sculpted with care amplify the power of motion, carrying the viewer on a transformative journey through time and space.”

seamlessly blending ethereal tones and unexpected rhythms to induce a hypnotic state of sonic exploration.

Steven Botting creates electronic soundscapes, crafting unique sound designs that elevate media and TV projects with immersive and captivating audio experiences.

Featured Content

Deep Science – Lovely Music

Love Summer Sounds 3 – Loaded Production Music


Psychedelic Medicine Documentaries – Minim (available through Harmony Music Libraries)

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Darker Motives music for crime and paranormal TV projects and media.

Darker Motives – Amadea Music Productions. Music for crime and paranormal TV & media projects.

Conspiracy Theories – Minim

Paranormal Portal Ominouse Drones & Atmospheres

From the archives – Island Fever (Dance music cues from 2014)

The Twilight Portal – Strange Connection

From the archives – Electro Fusion

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